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DJPUFF FLASK 4999 Flavors Review by Influencers

I enjoyed all of the flavors that I tried, although they all have some level of cooling to them which I’m not super fond of. I would like to see them offer more flavors without cooling because I think that would make these disposables appeal to a wider audience.

Espresso Coffee:

  • Versedvaper: This is going to be a flavor that you’ll either love, or you’ll hate. Personally, I really enjoyed it and I like the change from vaping mostly fruit flavors to something different. It’s a strong, bold, and sharp espresso flavor that is accurate and natural. It’s like drinking a strong cup of coffee. There’s some sweetness to it, but not a lot, and a pleasant light bitterness that is the hallmark of coffee. 
  • Atok: Don’t claim to be a coffee lover if you haven’t tried this one
  • VapingHardware: Hands down my favorite flavor of the 3 I tested, the coffee espresso is a rich, sweet, creamy coffee with a delicious aftertaste. The perfect after-dinner vape, the sweetness of the coffee really comes through on the inhale, while the exhale leaves you with a rich, silky creaminess that lingers on your tastebuds.
  • vapinvx2:The flavor is spot on it taste just like I’m having my morning cup of espresso
  • rama._.rame:This coffee is delicious and different, the difference is that even though it is often consumed, it doesn’t make our stomach acid relapse 😂👋🏼 just kidding guys😂 but this is delicious
  • vapenation1983:I am very amazed by the sleek and artistic design of FLASK Espresso Coffee flavor. The look is very classy also. Coffee lover will surely be satisfied for every puff using this device. Hats off FLASK!
  • haxy_:Flask vape from depuff hits different!!!
  • freshskaterjay_wohd:Wow the expresso coffee is spot on by @djpuffvape 👌 for all you coffee lovers definitely try this one out. 4999 puffs & its usb c rechargable 🔥 check there other flavors too 🥳

Rainbow Burst:

  • VapingHardware: A perfect fruity cocktail of mouth-watering flavor, the rainbow burst flavor reminded me of a certain hard shelled, chewy candy known by the phrase “taste the rainbow”! On the inhale I get a sharp burst of what tastes like strawberries, lemon, lime and mixed berries. It’s absolutely delicious and bursting with flavor, like a mouthful of sweet, freshly picked fruit.
  • Vapingcheap: Firstly, we will say this one is the lightest out of all four when it comes to an ice component, it’s almost non-existent when comparing it to the other three. There’s a little bit of coolness, but nothing that would bother any vaper in our opinion. On the inhale, you’ll get a mixture of candy flavors.
    On the exhale, you’ll get the same, but it comes easier to start to pull apart individual candy flavor notes. As you exhale, you’ll taste a light grape flavor followed by a strawberry and raspberry. This flavor is well put together as it blends each candy flavor note well. No one flavor note truly dominates another, and it tastes like if you ate a bunch of different flavor candy all at once. The ice note is there, too, in the background, but very faint and just provides a slight refreshment as you finish your vape.
    All in all, this is an excellent candy flavored vape that many vapers will enjoy. If you don’t enjoy grape, as this flavor sticks out the most, you may not like this one. However, it doesn’t taste like medicine, which is something many flavors with grapes suffer from. It’s smooth and can easily be vaped all day.
  • mrs_browneyes_95:tastes exactly how the package looks.Like a burst of skittles. Really love this device! You have oil & power reminder. Plus you have great clouds with this one.
  • bman134vapes:It really is a burst of rainbow flavor I definitely enjoy using this one it’s like heaven in a bottle. Fantastic flavors beautiful design smart tips that light up to let you know when to recharge and when your getting low on E-Liquid-available at @djpuff
  • cheys_reviews23:tastes exactly how the package looks.Like a burst of skittles. Really love this device! You have oil & power reminder. Plus you have great clouds with this one.
  • mbvapor64:This FLASK 4999 taste amazing a must try. These disposables have a 650mAh battery, 10ml prefilled liquid capacity, 5% nicotine strength, up to 4999 puffs, also a low oil and battery indicator.

Strawberry Watermelon Ice:

  • Versedvaper: The strawberry and watermelon are an even balance and they have a bit of a candy flavor to them which brings up the sweetness. There’s a noticeable cooling effect here but I think that it compliments the strawberry and watermelon nicely. I would place this as my favorite of the four flavors that I received.
  • VapingHardware: Another amazing flavor, with strong strawberry notes and an icy kick on the inhale and a sweet, tarte watermelon on the exhale. This is the perfect vape for a hot, humid day and a flavor I’ll definitely be buying again!
  • Vapingcheap: As you inhale, you’ll get the taste of fresh watermelon. Once you exhale, you’ll taste both the strawberries and watermelon. The watermelon flavor is slightly more dominant overall, but not by a lot as you exhale. What’s interesting about this flavor is that it’s more natural tasting than what you’d expect.
    It tastes like fresh-cut watermelon and strawberries that’s cold (due to the ice effect). With the ice at the end, it could be what elevates that natural taste even more. Either way, it’s delicious and certainly an all day vape.
  • cheys_reviews23:These hit so smooth! Totally worth checking them out.The flavor is Emaculent. I absolutely love the design!
  • kim_luvs_:Strawberry Watermelon Ice is really tasty. It has an impressive puff capacity of 4,999 & comes in 50mg nic strength. This “smart” device has a low e-juice and battery reminder feature. It’s available in 10 delicious flavors !
  • mbvapor64:Not only do these disposables look super cool but they vape great. I like the fact the these have a low battery and oil alarm. The FLASK 4999 is one to check out.


  • bman134vapes:All are fantastic flavors. With nice strong true flavors. Gotta say something about the vodka. I’m not a drinker and I was hesitant if I would like it but it really is good and if you’re looking for a good tasting vodka this is a must try.

Energy Drink:

  • Versedvaper: I had some of the team try this one, and we’re split on the taste. Kris and I think that it tastes a lot like Red Bull, while Danielle and Robert say that it doesn’t. Either way, it definitely has an energy drink ‘tang’ to it, with a bit of sour and a bit of sweet. There’s also a bit of cooling too.
    I think that this is another one of those love or hate flavors, but I liked it. I guess that you’ll just have to try it for yourself to make a decision.
  • bman134vapes:Energy Drink flask is a kick in the old taste buds. A great way to start your day off. 4999 puffs of pure fantastic flavors. Available here
  • mbvapoe64:Today has been a DJ PUFF FLASK 4999 kinda day. Right here is the ENERGY DRINK flavor that taste great. Red Bull might give you wings but this FLASK 4999 gives you flavorful clouds. The FLASK 4999 is disposable to try. Follow @djpuffvape to see more.

Blueberry Ice:

  • Vapingcheap: On both the inhale and exhale of this DJ Puff Disposable Vape, you’ll experience the same flavor note, which is blueberry. This blueberry, however, is different from some others we’ve tried. It’s a mixture between natural and candy but leans a little bit more towards a candy note. Refreshing for sure, especially with the ice in the background.
    Again, the ice note is pretty faint overall, but it is noticeable in a good way to complement the vape experience. Vapers who are fans of blueberry or blue raspberry flavors will want to try this one.
    It’s a good blueberry and can almost fool you to think it’s a blue raspberry flavor. The ice is also perfect, providing just enough to complement the inhale and exhale.
  • cheys_reviews23:The blueberry flavoring is on point! Super smooth hits.& if you are looking to get clouds. This is the vape for you! Fabulous design.
  • kim_luvs_:Blueberry Ice,these Sleek & stylish vapes have 10mL premium E-liquids|650mAh|Type C chatging port | Advanced Mesh Coil | low power/low oil reminder | 10 Flavors

Banana Ice:

  • cheys_reviews23:The banana flavoring is absolutely delicious. Mixed with a hint of ice to smooth it out completely.10/10 I love this one
  • vapenation1983:Enjoy the sweet and creamy taste of Banana with the icy feeling in your mouth from start to end.
  • mrs_browneyes_95:The banana flavoring is absolutely delicious. Mixed with a hint of ice to smooth it out completely.10/10 I love this one

Frozen Apple Berry:

  • Versedvaper: Green apples and blueberries, what is there not to love? The fruit flavors are just right, and the sweetness is also at a good level. The cooling effect really has a kick to it with this flavor, so be prepared for the blast of iciness on the inhale. The apple flavor is stronger than the berries, with the berries coming in more on the exhale than anything. 
  • Vapingcheap: DJPuff Frozen Apple Berry tastes pretty much as you’d expect it to and stays true to the flavor name. It’s quite different in comparison to the previous two flavors reviewed here, but not in a bad way! On the inhale, you’ll primarily taste a fresh apple with a hint of ice.
    As you exhale is where you’ll notice the flavor profile coming together. Exhaling, you’ll first taste the same fresh apple followed by a mixture of berries. It’s slightly difficult to pull apart which exact berries, but it leans a little bit into blueberry and raspberry. The mixture of fresh apples and berries actually tastes quite nice when together, and a lot better than expected. You wouldn’t see this combination of vape flavors together too often, but more common in these style vapes.
    You’ll notice the frozen in the flavor description, too, as it’s a bit heavier in the ice than the previous DJ Puff flavors reviewed here. It isn’t overwhelming or anything, but certainly more noticeable, which is either a good or bad thing depending on your taste buds.
  • freshskaterjay_wohd:Aye the new @djpuffvape frozen 🥶 apple 🍏 berry 🍇 is amazing 🔥 definitely check out this new disposable 4999 puffs rechargeable. Feels good in your pocket to & it does look like a mini flask 😝 check out the other flavors they got too I am about the try the expresso coffee ☕️ I’ll let you know how it is on this next post 🔥
  • kim_luvs_: the Frozen Apple Berry & it’s 0H S0 G00D …. 🌬💨💨💨 With the advanced mesh coil inside, the e-liquid can get fully atomized and mind-blowing flavorful taste

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